Unlimited Run Death Star detention center camera kits - screen-accurate wood plate or idealized aluminium - Dome lights available too!


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Hey there,
just took the final photos for the Delrin kits, they will be for sale soon, just finalizing a few last details for those and the macro-binoculars triangles that I'll release at the same time.

The dome lights are still in progress and are much slower to produce. If you are interested in buying light as well, there is not need to rush to take a camera kit or macros triangles, i'll keep producting those if the sell out :) be patient and save on shipping :)




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Hello guys,
A few kits of each type are back in stock now :)

just to make sure everyone understands clearly, the new Delrin plates are a bit scratched all over the surface, they are not a mirror plexy thing, they are Raw delrin plates with a quick once over with wire wool.
the surface is more faithfull on those photos here than the studio photo:

if you are waiting for lights as well, they will be ready around the end of June to be safe. I'll make sure that the kits are still stocked at this time as well, no worries if you prefer to wait for the lamps :)

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