Unlimited Run Death Star detention center camera kits - screen-accurate wood plate or idealized aluminium - Dome lights available too!


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O man this looks amazing i can't wait i have had all the cameras sitting in a box dying to do the build but never felt i could tackle the back plate. Thanks eethan for doing this. Also i was jut wondering are you planning on doing any trims for around the camera lens?
thank you very much for your nice comment, it's much appreciated :)
I wasn't planning to do the white trims. did some of your viewers lost them or something? There are a lot of variations to those viewers, I have had a lot of them over the years and documented them a bit, some have a light blue trim, some a white trim and some even a paper trim, they are all original and to me are all worth figuring on that cool prop :)


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Bump for interest, I need to wrap this up and order the aluminium plate very soon :) thank you


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Yikes - don't know how I almost missed this! Very nice work - thanks for the offering!

Please put me down for one set with the wood back plate. Possibly two, actually... :)



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Ethan is this likely to be ongoing. Interested but timing is off for me?
Hey, I will keep them available on my website, just need to get an idea for starters of how many people are interested mainly to not overdo it on the aluminium plates as they are the most expensive parts.
no worries :)

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Sweet kit buddy great solution for mounting the Viewers on the wood plate, same as Dustin if I didn't already have the other kit I would be on this run, but if you find a solution for the Lens and decide to offer separately I will pick up a few (y)


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Hello there,
here are a few photos and explanations for the kit assembly :)

1 - if you have the aluminium kit, clean and degrease properly the plate before painting it.

2 - paint the plate black. Obviously you can paint it any way you like :) I used a flat black rattle can and did just two small coats with a light sanding in between coats with 220 sandpaper. The result is not something I would call "clean" but I really like the look, we can see fibers, the flat black has a nice natural satin to it and it just looks like what I imagine that prop looks like up close :)
the aluminium plate will probably require a different approach, maybe some light sanding first, primer then paint.


3 - drilling the viewers:
I include a thick paper template for the hole positions on the viewers, this is quite easy to use and works well, it follows the curve of the back of the viewers and I cut a hole in the center to let the closing snap through:

I just used a center punch to mark the positions then drilled them with the column drill. This is easier that way but if you don't have access to one, a normall drill with do, just use something to drill straight :)
for the screws that I provide, a 1/8" : 3.2mm bit is perfect.

also, make sure to go through the two layers of plastic of the viewers (especially in the large light side of the viewer)
the screws are long enough to go through both layers and this makes for a much more solid attachment :)

4 - Preparing the viewers
I personally removed the intermediate glass part inside the viewers to gain quite some weight, just to be safe. gave the viewers a quick cleanup then applied black paper behind the front glass and attached it with blue masking tape, apparently they had access to that so why not use it there :) I'll try to include something nice and black for that purpose in the kits, i didn't think about it until now.
In the kits, you now have 6 very nice gloss black cardboard backed rectangles for that. this is the best material that I found to get a really deep black behind the glasses. Don't put your fingers too much on them even though they don't seem to take fingerprints too much.

5 - if you have the wood kit, you need to put the 4 mount screws first before assembling the viewers as you'll not have access to the holes anymore after that.
just put the screws from the side of the plate with the 6 cavities for the viewers, put the washer and nut on the other side and just tighten them by hand.

the metal kit has threaded holes, so no need to attach screws before.

6 - At this point, if you have the metal kit, you need to decide if you wish to file the closing tabs on the viewers or use the included spacers.
if you decide to use the spacers included in the kits, now is a good time to put the two M5 screws for the antennas. Put them from the back side of the plate with all the contersunk holes, then push the rubber washer strongly on the screws until they touch the plate. this should then hold by itself. If you want to file the closing tabs, you'll not need the rubber washers.

7- attaching the viewers:
if you have the wood kit, just place the small metal washers on the holes on the viewer, this is just to compensate for the curvature on the back of the viewers. then put your screws through the plate, align with the holes on the viewers and thread them gently without tightening too much as you might warp the wood plate.

I usually thread two screws half way diagonaly, then the other diagonal screws halfway, then go back to the first diagonal all the way.
Even if the holes are not perfectly alligned, it should not be too problematic :)

If you have the metal kit,

If you decide to use the spacers, proceed the same way as for the wood kit but with the 6mm plastic spacers included. You'll need to use the black rubber washers for the antennas as well in this case to have them at the proper height.
if you decide to file the tabs, I didn't do it, so I can't speak from experience but you'll probably have to use small washers like I showed for the wood kit, maybe thicker, maybe a thin washer under the antennas too depending on what thickness of spacers you used.

8 - at this time, you can put the thin antennas in their respective holes on the antenna assembly. be carefull as they are all normaly adjusted to the hole they go into, they are taped to their proper antenna when shipped. if you mixed them up, you might have to try for the best fit in each antenna. depending on the fit, either push firmly until they fit nicelly or use a dab of superglue if necessary.

9 - Now you can put the antennas on the plate. Just put the screw from the back (if not already on the plate), you should be able to find the screw and thread it into the antenna easily from the front then.

10 - Go crazy with all the stickers and blue tape :)

and there you go! (still waiting for those thin aluminium rod antennas!)


the screws can be painted black if you like, I personally don't mind it that way :) (oh the prop is upside down on this photo, the holes for the VESA 100mm attachment are supposed to be closer to the up side, not the other way around ;-))

I don't know what you think but appart from the fact that the viewers here are two toned, this is pretty much damn screenacurate! This prop is a prop that is very dear to me, I have been working on it for a long time and have been collecting those viewers for years, I already mentionned it before but it took me a year and a half to find my 6 all blue viewers. I'm really happy to offer this small run and to have achieved this result :)


I hope you'll like it, don't hesitate if you have any questions :)

a couple studio pics for our enjoyment :)


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thank you guys :)

Aluminium plates are now ordered and thin aluminium rods are still on the way. hopefully I'll be able to receive that quickly, get to work on it and can still put everything for sale around mid-june like I first hoped :)


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Can't wait to get a kit. Should have all 6 slide viewers by then!
Are the VESA mounting holes going to be tapped for the metal plate option?


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Can't wait to get a kit. Should have all 6 slide viewers by then!
Are the VESA mounting holes going to be tapped for the metal plate option?
Hey, thanks :) I hope you'll like the kit, it's a super cool prop.

the aluminium plate will have tapped holes for M4. For the wood one, I realized yesterday that it might be complicated to use as they are not threaded and I assume that people would put a bolt from the inside and a nut on the back to hold the mouting bracket but there is no access from the front after the viewers are mounted.

I have two solutions this far, either people put the bold in the hole from the front before mouting the viewers or I need to put threaded inserts into the plates.


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OMG! I finally received those thin aluminium rods! I went to work right away on them :)
as you can see it's just enough for 8 kits, this is because of all the trouble I had lately and of Brexit, so I ordered just enough to make sure they were good and to avoid paying taxes, i ordered another batch right away now that I received them :)
Just waiting for the aluminium plates now but this is a trustworthy seller from Germany, so this should arrive fast i hope :)




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