Death Knight Pep help please?


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Hey all, I was wondering if a seasoned Pep file maker might be able to whip this up fast. I have 2 months to make this armor and a friend suggested that having a Pep file for it might make construction easier. If you can help, please send me a PM.

The Armor (not doing the helm):

That is going to be a beast to pep. You might try Vagabond if you have the model and see if he can unfold it for you.
This might be better suited to a foam floor mat scratch build rather than pep.

Pepakura is a very involved process, whereas foam allows you to get rapid, light weight results, that can add that significant bulk without the weight and rigidity of completed pep pieces.

Good luck!

as much as i wish you could do that, you wont be making this costume in 2 months.

first of all you need the game files, which are the 3d models of every single armor piece. those can be aquired from your game files, but its a hell of a job.
second, someone needs to unfold that stuff to make it peppable

3rd, and most time consuming, is pepping that stuff.
just for comparison, i took 3 months only pepping the war machine suit, and thats every day pepping, as i am on holiday.

so if you have something else to do than pepping, e.g. work, that wont play

after that you need to resin it and fibreglass/bondo it, and get all the detail work done, add the painting, i'd say a good six months of a lot of work will be about right

sorry to bust your dreams, but 2 months is probably not doable
Well Nick, the final product is going to be made out of foam, I was planning on using the pep as a reference for making the foam version, something here I can look at and touch rather than something on a screen.
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