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Hi all!

Last year I've bought my own Death Eater replica cosplay.
I finally can say that I've done my research well. I've seen almost the whole world wide web for as much as accurate costume pics I could find. (I've listed all the pictures on this website) After many of hours looking and searching almost everywhere, I've made myself a to buy list.
It took a few months before I collected all the parts because some items are very difficult to find.

The result you can see at the photo's below.

The full costume:
-Robe (long hood, without sleeves)
-Wand belt
-Wand (made out of wood)
-Black skinny jeans
-Horse chaps
-Black shoes

What do you think?

Nox! ~ Morsmordre!


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A while ago, Museum Replicas had the Harry Potter License and they made Death Eater costume pieces. When the license ran out, they sold everything off cheaply and I picked up the tunic and cloak. I then made a wand belt with holster and I made the mask.

The Mask started life as a toy lizard mask from The Amazing Spider-Man. I then bondoed it to make the scale details more subtle. The embossing was done using puffy stickers from Michael's. The eyes and bands on the mouth were made out of craft foam. Then I went over it all with a coating of Plasti-dip and drybrushed on the silver and the bronze (eyes).

I have rather small feet for a guy my height, so I'm able to wear a women's size 11 boot, which I wear with this, as well as a pair of 19th century style pants. The bracers I made from the sleeves of an old leather coat that I turned into a vest.

One of these days, I have to get better pictures of the costume. I'm also planning to make a new mask, as this on it a little small for my face.


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