Dear RPF, thank you for an amazing year!

Art Andrews

Community Owner
Community Staff
Hello everyone (yes, even you lurkers),

Just wanted to take a moment on behalf of the staff to thank all of you for a truly incredible year here at the RPF. This past Nov marked the two year point since I have had the honor and privilege of overseeing this community and I finally feel we are starting to get our feet under us and expect big things in 2012!

This year has certainly had its challenges, but overall, we have seen a more cohesive and active community than ever before!

While numbers aren't everything, here are a few numbers to give you an idea of how we have grown.

In 2008 members made 106k posts
In 2009 members made 157k posts
In 2010 members made 413k posts (can you tell we opened registration?)
In 2011 members made 570k posts

In 2010 we had 10k new user registrations.
In 2011 we had 19k new user registrations.

In 2010 we had 5.5 million visits from 2.3 million unique visitors who looked at 38.8 million pages.
In 2011 we had 10.5 million visits from 5.5 million unique visitors who looked at 57.7 million pages.

Again, numbers don't tell everything, so here are some other trends within this community that we have seen over the past year.

Rise of costuming/cosplay; while this site has always embraced costume creation, we have seen a rampant increase in costuming as cosplay is becoming more and more mainstream.

Increase in female participation; while we have always had a few females brave enough to be counted among this male-dominant hobby, with the increase in costuming, we have seen a massive increase in female participation on the site and we love it as it creates a more diverse environment that helps make us a more rounded community.

Increase in movie discussion; pulling movie reviews and discussion out of our Off-Topic forum (thanks MicDavis!) was a great move as you guys seem to LOVE to talk about movies! We have seen a massive increase in movie discussion since we made that change.

Increase in general modeling/sculpting; while the practical model industry seems to still be losing ground to CGI, we have seen a healthy increase in interest in modeling, which is pushing us to restructure a bit in 2012 regarding modeling/sculpting.

We want to thank those of you who have embraced our Premium Member service and helped support the site in that way as well as the dozens upon dozens of you who have participated in various contests or helped us behind the scenes with things like our videos on YouTube or our Facebook page. While only a few of us tend to be noticed and publicly acknowledged, there are dozens of people who support this site in one way or another to help make a better experience for our members. Without the help and support from all those behind the scenes, we wouldn't have nearly as much to offer!

Finally, we want to thank all of you who visit the site; members and non-members alike. Without you, this site would just be nothing. You are our life-blood and your projects and artwork keep us inspired to continue to serve you in even more ways!

We have so much in store for next year and we can't wait to share it with you!

Thanks again for your support, participation, encouragement and passion.

Art and the RPF Staff

Art Andrews

Community Owner
Community Staff
Thanks for the entire RPF team efforts this year.

Thanks, Philip.

I probably should have also mentioned a BIG thanks to our TWO mods, Montagar and ManfromNaboo who handle an incredible amount of issues on a daily basis and do it all without receiving anything in return. Those two are absolute troopers and their commitment to this site is incredible. I don't know many other sites who have the traffic we have that are able to get away with so few mods. Without the two of them, I would be lost.


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Art, I want to introduce myself and thank you for doing such a great job on the RPF. I have Kristen to thank for finding my way here. I saw her doing a video for the RPF on YouTube and followed her to her facebook page where she sugessted that I join here to help with the different things I was working on.Within 3 minutes of my first thread being up, I was greeted and helped by members and I now wish I had found this place years ago...I have a lot of catching up to do. This forum is filled to the brim with such generous and TALENTED people....I don't even feel worthy of being a member. I have little to bring to the table, but admiration and, a PASSION for all the things that brought us all here. I am old, but I am learning, and you people are a geniune inspiration.I thank each and every one of you, staff and members, and I hope to make many new friends here.....THANK-YOU !!!!!


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Thanks RPF staff for everything. Hopefully 2012 will be even better.
May God and the Force be with you all!


Master Member
Thank you, Art, for giving us a place for all of us who have a common interest, a second "home", if anyone wants to use that term. So far, it's been awesome. :)


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I've learned so much from the board. Towards the end of the year was the only time I mustered up some courage to start posting here.

Thanks so much RPF for imparting so much knowledge! Tis a great place where people of the same passion for costumes and costuming gather. Makes me feel so at home.

Happy new year!


Sr Member
Just want to say a big thank you to all the RPF staff

and to all the amazing members on here. Their kindness, help and awesome skills make this site amazing

so hoping for an even better in 2012 and for many years to come

Happy new year everyone


Sr Member
thanks RPF, on my end I can assure you i probably mention this site to friends and co workers at least once a day. It's the only place I feel i belong on the internet :) Happy New Year everyone.
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