Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

Wes R

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Anyone here bought any of the dvds of this? As entertaining as the new roasts are, even if a bit explicit even for me at times, I love the originals with Dean and was wondering if the dvds were worth getting. My only complaint is that the dvds aren't all of them but only certain ones just like with the Dean Martin variety show episode collections. Modern comics sure have fallen far from where these guys were back then.

The Rock-a-who

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I had a few of these downloaded "for evaluation purposes only" ;) and have always enjoyed them. Seeing them really brings back memories of how comedy was and always enjoyed watching them.

I wouldn't recommend watching a bunch back-to-back though as some of the jokes repeat themselves.


Sr Member
I bought the collection for my mom for a Christmas gift a few years ago, although they turned out to be bootlegs :(

A lot of them are great, but others are just okay. The people portrayed in the roasts are real comedians. They can take the smallest comment and have the room and the panel rolling.


Wes R

Legendary Member
And, at least what made it to broadcast, was clean. I am better there were some things that couldn't be shown lol. It just goes to show how far humor has changed, i don't think these days these people would be that popular. Even though Don Rickles is still working casinos lol.
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