DeAgostini Millennium Falcon in another language?


Sr Member
I'm looking at these on ebay and it seems like a lot of the complete sets are in a language other than English, mostly Spanish. I'm guessing at the end of the run, the releases were in those other countries. What is it like to build that way (in another language)? Is it fairly straight forward--and really, it's just plastic? Anybody here bought one of these? The shipping (weightxvolumexdistance) is notfun. I have no idea how the ebay market works for people selling one or two, or ten "issues."
Mike Todd
Bonus. I have a similar thin for my son regarding lost lego instructions. I am now thinking that virtually any "kit" of the DeAgo MF sold on ebay might be equal when considering value and price, and what one should bid.
Mike Todd
Or if you like I can throw up a link to the original, but now defunct, De Agostini Build Diaries that have higher quality images and more of them as well as more information.

Do you have a link for the full set somewhere? That'd be handy.

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