Deagostini Falcon extra lighting question

craig g

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I know lots of you Deagostini Falcon builders are adding extra lighting to the hold, corridors etc.
My query is this
Are you going to run them on a separate circuit and power supply? Or wire them into the supplied board, if so how?
I have never lit a model before so I apologise in advance if this is a dumb question.

craig g

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You could use these and wire them onto the supplied board...
I've just ordered some from a ulk seller.
They are inexpensive so it's no big deal if it doesn't work for me.
My main concern is that their will not be enough power.
I'm not using the supplied landing lights, ramp light or ramp motor so hopefully I should be OK if I use these vacant sockets on the supplied board.

craig g

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Yes ld like to know if they are definetly workable with the supplied board..
I'll keep you posted when I receive them.
I've got the Paragrafix cockpit ordered and I already bought some strip leds to hopefully light the tube consoles along with fibre optics and leds, I'll be testing asap.
Fingers crossed


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I don't get the inaccurate mandible lights on this...
1. The very front lights, both left & light should be red not white, in ESB they are...(even then they were Matt painted on by Ralph it seems).
2. The middle bottom horizontal mandible 2 lights just don't exist on any studio 32" or in the movie.

craig g

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Connectors arrived this morning, did a quick test before I left for work and they work fine with the supplied board.


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You just need to make sure whatever you wire to the existing power has the correct resistors for the LED's, can't remember what batteries it uses, but from that you'd be able to figure out voltage and amps


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Does anyone know if additional lighting for cockpit and hold can be wired into the main controller so all lights go on with the remote ?


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Be careful with adding additional LED to the original board. There are only 3 transistors with max. throughput of 500mA per transistor.
Transistor Q1 is used for the ramp-lights, Q2 is used for the landing lights and Q3 is powering the other lights.
Q3 has to work with the most of the LED's.


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OK, so, has anyone bought the add on light kit from the facebook guy, AKA Chris Holland and received it?! I bought my kit on 07/29/16 and still have not received it. I have emailed him about it and he stated that health problems (in and out of hospital, etc) had slowed him down. That was back in November and he was pretty good about responding to emails. Flash forward to now and I sent him another email on 01/24/17 to which he has not replied yet. Over at the model-space forum others who have purchased said that he gave them an excuse that a sick grandson and daughter in law have slowed him down.

I have to wonder that if he is bogged down and behind then why the bloddy hell has he not temporarily suspended new orders until he gets all the past orders caught up! I am almost to the point of asking for a refund.

Rant over

We can cancel the hounds, lol. I messaged him via his website and got a fast reply. Seems my order got lost and they promised to clear this up asap and get my kit out asap.
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I ordered back in May. After several emails he finally shipped it in October. The first one got lost so he had to ship another. Totally worth the wait though!!!


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I have added two strips of 12v lighting on the engine assembly from a local auto parts store. It will be running on a separate circuit, with a battery box under the main battery.
The original strip lights are mounted on top of the assembly, glued to plastic strip. This improves the look but comes no where near the look of the engines in the movies.