DeAgo 1/43 Millennium Falcon decals?


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Hey everyone! I’m new to the forums. Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I’m looking to purchase or print some decals for my upcoming custom paint job on the deAgo Falcon. I can’t seem to find 1:43 scale decals anywhere.

Does this exist as a product I can just buy? Has anyone gone through the trouble of making a full decal sheet in illustrator? If not would there be interest in this?

I’m not interested in the large color panels like the Bandai kit provides, just the smaller detail decals if that helps.

Thank you!


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Think you might have to DIY

By decals i'm assuming you mean 1:43 versions of the 5' falcon (?)

Jaitea scanned the bandai decals at 600dpi here Bandai 1/72 PG Millennium Falcon (also the Revell Germany rebox)
these could be scaled to suit and then printed on decal sheet.

then you can look at the link in this post for details on the actual 5' decal placement Bandai 1/72 PG Millennium Falcon (also the Revell Germany rebox).

or just use the Bandai PG decal placement instructions as a guide
----Bandai Falcon 4x copy 2.jpg

best of luck


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The DeAgo is based on the 32in Falcon which didn't have decals, but if you want to replicate the 5ft model then the scans mentioned above will work.


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Thanks everyone! Good info, didn’t know that about the 32in Falcon. So yeah for anyone who finds this post later I was able to find 1/43 decals for deago on eBay… had to special request it from seller ‘yogurt80.’

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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