Deadshot's wrist gun and eyepiece


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Hey all. I've been a part of the RPF for a bit, but this my first time posting here. So I've decided to post the Deadshot wrist gun and eyepiece I made a while ago.

So for the wrist gun, I used some EVA foam and part of an old NERF gun I had. Then I used some black spray paint.

Here's the finished gun. image.jpg

And for the eyepiece, I took a pair of steampunk goggles, cut the goggles to make an eyepatch. Then I put a piece of red felt between the lenses.
And boom.

And here's me wearing both pieces.

I'm still relatively new to prop building, but here's what I got for Deadshot. I'm not sure if I will ever make it into a full cosplay, but I thought it would be cool and fun to build.


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Nice work! I have a soft spot for Deadshot, as we share the same first name. Lol. Always toyed with the idea of doing some sort of Deadshot suit.


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Nice! I love when people repurpose things for costumes. Looks great, man!


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Thanks guys. I think I might make a full costume out of it, but I'll keep it simple (more like the Arrow version than the comic version).