My buddy Sam and I have been working on a Deadpool costume for Dragon Con, we're going to be alternating it in and out of our costume rotations.

Just finished belt buckle, which is not featured in this pic.

Custom built chest strap system,teleporter,belt buckle (not featured).


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There's also an Avengers / Avengers' villains photoshoot, and we could use some more Hydra soldiers :) PM me or come by The SCF for details if you're interested~



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This is my opinion, but I much prefer the round spots on the mask, I personally used an egg shaped stencil with a sort pinch between the eyes, here's my Deadpool



I didn't make the suit, I just got one off Ebay and then took the mask apart, and then replaced the spots, I need to expand the Black pattern to back half of the suit, but other than that I'm very happy with it. I do plan on making my own teleporter device, and my chest harness is actually a rock climbing harness I found. A friend made my belt buckle. I really like your suit though, looks like you're gonna have a lot of fun, wish mine had a full pattern instead of half of one, Represent the Deadpool Corps boss!!!!
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