Deadpool, some assembly required


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Greetings all, I've found myself finally drawn to making a deadpool costume. I was hit with inspiration after coming across this lovely faceshell :)


Unfortunately I've hit a bit of a snag in the sewing process. The mask has proven rather tricky and i find myself fairly inexperienced when it comes to sewing. But I'm determined to see this through

I've elected to use a non-stretchy fabric as I've got a very specific look in mind and i don't think stretched tight fabric quite fits it.

At the moment I'm looking for a little guidance. Anyone that can point me in the direction of a pattern or a good technique for making me own?

I feel like once I've got a "base" hood set up I'll be able to modify or tailor it into what i want, i just need to get that first step done.


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Attempt number one


This was done with a pattern i found via YouTube, overall I'm pretty happy with the basic shape and layout. It'll take some tweaking of course, I'll be sizing the pattern up a little and I'm debating a change in fabric.

And of course, my facial hair pokes through bottom >.<


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Attempt #3

Took a few tries at playing around with sizing, lycra can be a bit picky. I think I'm finally happy and settled with a hood. The only issue I have with it is how the lycra pulls on the edge of the face shell and creates those rings along the cheeks. That aside everything lines up pretty well and I'm comfortable with it. I'm not sure if it's something I'm just nitpicking or if it truly stands out quite a bit.

I'm debating making a thin underlaying mask that will go just around my mouth and nose, something that can better blend that area. Only issue is I'm working on a limited timeframe and I'm not sure I NEED to make one.

Thoughts, critiques, input? I'm all ears. :)

IMG_20150318_232238nopm.jpg IMG_20150318_232413nopm.jpg


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Got a bit of work done this week concerning the torso. At this point i just need to attach the sleeves and add on the side black accents.

I'm pretty happy with how things are shaping up so far ^.^


I also ordered some cheap swords, hopefully those should arrive within a week or so. I'm not to terribly concerned with quality since they're mostly going to be sheathed, however they're made of stainless steel. This disqualifies then for use at 2 out of 3 cons i intended to visit this year. Ideally I'll use them for my first convention in may, afterwards I'll order some polypropylene swords of similar size to use with the sheath provided from the first pair.


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Where did you find this faceshell? Im trying to find on thats reasonably priced and I suck at crafts so making one (although an option) is out of the question. Plz let me know


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Yeah the shipping was a bit long. I bought their full mask. I like it, but I wish the black portion of the eyes were a tad smaller. I may make a new hood with the eyes more sized like the movie mask.

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How much did you pay may I ask? I'm trying to find a mask like this or a faceshell. It looks like they are on vacation right now... gotta wait another week to order one if they are still doing them.
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