Deadpool movie costume help opinions


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Hi guys so my costume budget is being eaten up by my current dredd build but id like to get a deadpool costume in time for the new film, however I don't have the budget for the beautiful leather suit made by a member on here so my options are ken's dye sub fike or the cosplay pleather suit which one do you think will look better I will modify either one with a decent belt buckel a shell for the mask ect if I get the cosplay version I will have a new mask made of stretch leatherette instead.
So dye sub or pleather deadpool?


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If those were my only two options, dye sub. If you need links for anything in particular, I posted a few on my thread and I can share other links that I didn't post. Or at least point you in some direction.


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Am planning to go dye sub I think just want to finish my dredd before I start a new costume and it's costing even more then planned
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