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Hi there,

I recently sold my Deadpool costume but could never really take much distance from the character (who could). So I decided to build a new version after the movie suit. I went the form fitting zentai route and made the rest myself with the exception of the drop holster panels that I ordered from Ebay along with the nylon belt.

The rest where all patterns made by myself and made from 3 and 5 mm foam. Also used the modified NERFs that I already had from the previous costume and gave the sword handles a carbon fiber wrap.

I can't post much pictures from the computer at work.

I have been asked for advice on how to build the shinguards. my best advice on anything prop related is: DO IT. If you want something, build it, always works for me. I made my own templates for this build and (I think) my first Deadpool costume was not nearly as cool as this one. What matters is not if everything is movie quality but how it makes you feel when you wear it. Stor bought costumes will never give the same feeling as builds that you have made yourself.

2015-08-08 21.39.35.jpeg 2015-08-28 18.11.43.jpg 2015-08-28 18.12.48.jpg
2015-08-22 17.36.56.jpg
2015-08-26 19.03.48.jpg 2015-08-26 19.04.10.jpg



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Might as well post some bit of explanations now that I am at home.

Starting at the top I have a separate mask with foam eyes that I modeled quickly in metaseq. The are finished in matte black with white mesh for the eye holes so that I have maximum visibilty without fogging issues.

2015-08-08 21.44.41.jpeg

The swords are cheap metal katanas with homemade carbon wrapped handles and a system I designed to keep them up on my back. The scabbard cover is 3mm foam. Also added 2 dull headed screws (don't know what to call em...) so I can adjust the screws to lock the swords in place to make the assembly con safe.

2015-09-03 21.13.49.jpg CAM00139.jpg

Parts like the straps on the sleeves and near the wrists are 3 mm foam finished in matte black. The chest knives are foam covered with black leather and leftover materials to create the fake straps on the chest.

The belt buckle is made from 3 mm foam and the belt is modded to have slants near the "metal parts" of the buckle. Both belts where modded to look like the movie belts but on a budget. Pouches are 3 mm foam with magnetic closures.

The drop leg panel holsters where bought from ebay and the guns are modified Nerf Sidestrikes. (they come with holsters) with added carbon details.

2015-07-27 15.53.03.jpg 2015-07-27 15.53.15.jpg 2015-08-22 17.36.56.jpg

Boots/covers/bootknife are 5mm foam with 3 mm foam details finished with multiple coats of red and matte black to give a worn look. They are nowhere near screen accurate but the overall look is good enough for me (especially on a budget). also painted my old Air Max black as I really liked them and couldn't throw them away

. 2015-08-22 17.37.16.jpg 2015-08-28 18.11.43.jpg 2015-08-28 18.12.48.jpg

And some fun with my Mk VII.

2015-08-09 11.56.40.jpg


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That entire build is both genius and amazing. Thanks again for the pictures. By the way, I was just in the Netherlands in July (Amsterdam). What city are you in?


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Do you mind sharing the file for the eyes?

Actually i kind of do.

That entire build is both genius and amazing. Thanks again for the pictures. By the way, I was just in the Netherlands in July (Amsterdam). What city are you in?

Thanks I always check your thread to see if there is any progress, keep it up!
I live in a small village near Nijmegen, I don't really visit Amsterdam that often however...

I was wondering what files you used for the eyes? they look fantastic

Thanks! 3d files and templates where made by myself in just under a few hours, shoudn't be so hard for anyone to make them.
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@ Hi11Zone pmed you
@ sdasi1 thanks a lot. I probably should get around and post some more pics of the cons I went to...

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