Deadpool Costume Motorcycle riding outfit


I am nearly complete my costume for the 2015 Toronto Fan Expo. The jacket and pants are my own design, made of real leather too!
Just adding some finishing touches...Gotta get rid of the nike logo on the shin guards :S


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Shin guards are all finished, I have Headpool! all thats left is sheaths for my swords and a pouch for my belt to hold my phone and such
IMG_0785.JPG IMG_0786.JPG


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Awesome work! Can't believe you made the leathers yourself. Impressive.

Hope to see you at Fan Expo. If a really tall Batman TDK comes up to talk to you it is me :)


Great! I'll keep my eye out. To be clear, I didn't sew the leather or anything. I made a design which I had made for me. lol I'm dedicated but that that dedicated
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