Dead Space security armor


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I have been working on my dead space armor for a while.
its made from 4mm eva foam.
I used templates for the helmet, chestplate, shoulder and legs.
the back rig and gauntlets are made freehand.
I also used a template for the plasma cutter.
IMG_20150503_170434.jpg IMG_20150503_133959.jpg IMG_20150503_213956.jpg IMG_20150503_225308.jpg IMG_20150505_191411.jpg IMG_20150513_230724.jpg IMG_20150507_173251.jpg IMG_20150510_192248.jpg IMG_20150517_201239.jpg IMG_20150515_210252.jpg IMG_20150516_000423.jpg IMG_20150516_143508.jpg IMG_20150516_145058.jpg IMG_20150516_220420.jpg IMG_20150527_223618.jpg IMG_20150528_205135.jpg


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today I painted the helmet and armor with primer and painted the helmet with silver to give it a metallic look.
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