Dead Space 2 1:1 plasma Cutter


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Being a huge fan of Dead Space i just recently got the Epic weapons full size plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2, here it is next to the tiny replica that came with the collectors edition of the game.

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Heres a comparison shot, I think this Plasma cutter is a better investment then the replica based off of the Dead space 1 plasma cutter because this one has both horizontal and vertical aiming modes as well as an additional flashlight, the replica is mostly plastic but has some metal pieces and for some odd reason the iconic 3 dot laser signature which is blue in the game are green on the replica.

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Ive been tempted to buy one also. Im not sure about the 'life Size' the manufacturer is spinning. If you watch the girl in the DS2, there are a few shots where she is holding a Plasma Cutter. The thing drops way past her knee.
It's size changes a little at various points, but it's meant to be a big sucker. I've not been convinced of this version being life size either, but it's a great item none the less.

I appreciate she's holding the other version but obviously they're meant to be the same size.


im not sure whats meant as "full size" either but since its a video game fabrication and has no real sense of the exact scale of it, im fine with calling it full size, and i think the dead space 1 plasma cutter is a tad bigger then the dead space 2 one.
This is sick, but I think I prefer the DS1 better, I guess I'm a sucker that way. I don't tend to appreciate change. :p
The first one was very obviously a mining tool, and that's what I like about it. The DS2 plasma cutter looks cobbled together, since that's exactly how Issac makes it at the beginning of the game.
(By bashing a gun-grip style flashlight and a surgical laser together)
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