DCU Online Trailer Joker Costume FINISHED! - Pic heavy towards bottom of the page


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Greetings folks,
I'm in the process of putting together a homage to the alternative version of the Joker featured on the trailer for the DC Universe Online for a costume party next month...


The first joker on the left

He's featured at 1.37 and 3.05 on the following video:
DC Universe Online - Cinematic Trailer (Comic-Con '10) - YouTube
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Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

I ditto the hairspray. And with dark hair, don't be afraid to get fluorescent green. I made the mistake one year of getting flat green and you could barely see it. Here's me with the fluorescent. I have pretty dark hair:

Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

Yep either wig and just work it out to look better or bright green hairspray, for I too am cursed with the dark hair. And for my Dark Knight Joker I went the spray route. Course I actually took the time to grow my hair out too.
Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

Thanks for the advice guys! I've commissioned a wig just to be on the safe side, although after reading through this thread I'll probably end up using spray for a more natural look. The only issue I envision with that is that I tend to dance quite a lot at parties and as a result sweat profusely - do you think that will cause the spray to run? Is there any brand/type in particular you folks recommend?
Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

The stuff does come out pretty easily with water so sweating might be an issue. Luckily, the spray isn't that expensive so maybe test it first. I don't recall what brand I used, however.

Either way, good luck!
Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

The suit and Night Vision Goggles have arrived! Only thing left is the flak jacket, bazooka and tie. Could any of you direct me towards a Joker-style green ribbon-tie? I say ribbon tie because I have no idea what kind of tie it is, so I'm struggling to find one. The parties on Saturday so I'll post pictures of the complete costume when it's done.
Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

It's been a couple of years so I no longer have the link, but try eBay for "Kentucky tie" or "Colonel tie." I'm pretty sure that's where I found my purple one.
Re: DC Universe Online Future Joker

Got pretty much everything together in prep for tomorrow. Here's a little test run...
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Re: DCU Online Future Joker Costume - Actual Costume Pictures Finally Added

Finally put the costume into action last night and it went down really well. Wasn't happy with the prosthetics, but the ones I'd had made were held up by UK customs so I had to make do with an alternative. It probably would've looked better if I had time to do a bit of detailing on the white, but I didn't have enough time to prepare so had to rush it a little. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, as it could have been a lot worse.
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You're welcome -- the costume came out great!

But I'm confused: Customs held up the prosthetics but the the big gun was OK? Weird.
The gun was produced in the UK and hand-delivered to avoid any such problems, while the prosthetics were ordered from a U.S. based website :-/. I still won the Best Costume prize, so I can't complain too much.
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