DC Online Batman (CGI Trailer)


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Hello rpf'ers,

I am new to costuming building and am currently finishing up my Red Hood build. I had so much fun learning and working on it that I want to try something more challenging.

I decided that I want to do a DC Online Batman from the game trailer. I think this would be an awesome opportunity to learn how to use foam for costume building.

So I was wondering if anyone has reference pics other than these.




I am particularly interested in photos of the back (without the cape) to see its design. If you have any photos, thoughts, drawings of what the back may look like feel free to share. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Thank You
That is such a cool version of Batman. I hope you pull this off man.
Yes it is and I haven't seen one done yet, which is good/bad. Good because of uniqueness and bad cuz I am all on my own with out tips from others.

But yea I hope and pray I can pull it off.
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