DC Direct Green Lantern Ring


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I got home from a tough day at work to find a package sitting on my kitchen table that I had been waiting for. I tore it open and inside was this:

And of course, I opened this little box and was greeted with this:

It's really nice. I wish the green stripes on the sides of the lantern were a little less bright, and I expected more detail, but overall I'm very pleased with it. I'm also really surprised at the size, both of the ring and the fit. Here are some pictures of it next to the "keychain" ring from Toys 'R' Us.


As you can see, the size of the ring is much smaller than that of the keychain ring, which makes it much more practical for everyday wear (though, I have to admit, I've been wearing that keychain one quite a bit.) The ONE thing that really bums me out is the size of the fit, which is probably a size 13, making it fit on me ALMOST too loosely. It's on the verge of falling off when I put my hands at my sides a certain way. I'm considering having it sized to fit me better so that I can wear it more.
How does the TRU ring compare to thr Walmart ring?
The TRU ring has a band made of metal. With some upgrades, it can look rather nice, in my opinion. They're rather high profile though, with a much taller face/top than the DCD ring.

The Walmart rings are all plastic and are kid-sized, so they probably won't fit the average adult hand... I wouldn't use my money on them, especially since the TRU rings are only $9.99.
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