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So I made a post a few days back on a DC-15A Clone Blaster I was working on, However I wasnt happy with how the blaster was comming out so I scrapped the project and started from scratch. This time I am very happy with how the Blaster is coming along and took a lot of pictures through out the build process. Enjoy.

This time I did a little bit more research and a little bit more planing. I found a post here on The RPF by Darren1970 back in 2009 and took some of the methods he used, so thanks Darren!

I started with multiple pieces of wood (Don't Know What Kind)
1.5"x 1.5" square rod
.5" plank
.75" plank

Various sized of PVC & CPVC piping (Some Not Pictured)
.5" PVC
.75" PVC
1" PVC
1.25" PVC
1.5" PVC
.5" CPVC

I also used some lexan sheeting for adding definition and detail to some pieces, but that will come later.

I printed out a lifesize picture of the Blaster. I took this picture http://home.comcast.net/~wizardofflight/DC-15.gif and made some of a lines thicker.
Then traced the parts out onto the wood.
Stock & Grip on the .75" everything else on the .5"

Then i started cutting and putting everything together
I used a 1" wood dowel as a support / connector for the barrel

Added Bondo to fill in the gaps and cover up the screws

The body so far with the barrel attached
The barrel is 1" PVC with 1.25" PVC muzzle and nut piece by the body.
The muzzle tip is made from a 1" to .5" PVC adapter, with .5" CPVC nested into the .5" PVC

Then I added detailing to the grip with lexan sheeting and some aluminum round top screws

Then I started working on the scope looking under piece.
I used various sized of PVC, electrical tape and a lot of bondo
.75" PVC
1.25" PVC
1.5" PVC
.75" PVC Couplers & Plugs

After about 3 layers of Bondo it was done, I used a small thin piece of copper piping and a screw to make the front little nub thing.

I then started to work on the mount for it.
I glued 2 pieces of .5" wood planks together and drilled a 1" hole, then cut and shaped it.

Here are all the barrel decor pieces laid out to give a peek of what the final blaster will look like. I used lexan again to detail the rear and front "sights"
Tomorrow I will attach all of the pieces to the barrel and make the magazine. I was originally going to wait until then to post anything, however I love the way it is turning out and I just had to share my progress.

Let me know what you guys think of it so far.
Thanks Toxx, Loved your DC-15s, great build!

Tazman2000, Most likely not. Im not trying to make it 100% screen accurate, just a good replica for Cons and possibly short fan-films.
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