Daybreakers Fedora


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I'm in a musical at college Guys and Dolls and I normally wear a fedora hat, but now I want to get a real Fedora. One that sticks out in my mind is from the vampire movie Daybreakers. I personally liked the movie, and the fashion in the movie. (If you haven't seen the movie it's really good) But my question to you guys is where can I find a fedora like Edward Dalton wears. Here's a reference pic. Please note, he is the one with the cigarette in his mouth.


Thanks for any help!
Well, you want something 30's style, with straight sides rather than the tapered crown which became popular in subsequent decades. HArd to tell just from that pic, but you MAAAAAAAAAY be in the right neighborhood looking at something like the Akubra Fed IV. I know it's a KotCS style Indy lid, but to me it looks like the guy is wearing a medium to dark brown, straight-sided crown with a dimensionally cut brim. Wide gross-grain dark brown or black ribbon, with I think a flying V bow (really hard to tell, but the front of the bow looks right to me). Add it all up, and damn my eyes if you didn't push the crease further down on a Fed than you normally would for an Indy, but you'd have something very much like what he's wearing there. Anyone else?
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