Dawn of Justice Batman -- Bodysuit Question


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Hello, all!

I'm working on a Dawn of Justice Batman right now, and after spinning my wheels working on waffle-weave fabric (looks too home-made), I'm starting to think I'm much better off going with a Dye Sub suit.
That said, I'm a novice costumer (first time Batman!), and I could use some guidance.
I'm 5'10", 225 lbs, and wear a 38" pant, with 46 jacket.
I am working on a muscle suit that is coming along (surprisingly) well, but I'm worried that if I purchase a dye-sub bodysuit the pattern will stretch and distort (read: look terrible).

Can anyone advise me as to how a dye sub suit might "suit" me?
Is there somewhere I can go that might adjust the file size or something?

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I used zentai zone. The great thing about them is they're cheaper than most dye sub suits. My pattern came beautifully. I use a muscle suit (kinda crappy) but it stretches over it and doesn't distort. I'm interested to seeing your muscle suit though! I think zentai zone would most likely work.
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