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So I got hold of David Smith the stuntman that plays P2 when he gets his arm cut off! Anyways I told him about the site and he checked it out and is impressed! I'll ask him to sign up and maybe post his stories! Anyways he can also do signed pics! I've ordered one, just wondering if others are interested and he could post em up on here for peeps to purchase! I've also asked if he had any on set material! Waiting for his response to that one!
Great news!!! I saw his website a while back, but never tried contacting him. I would like an autographed photo. I still need to get one from Wyatt as well.
3 preds on here now.


Brian steele

and now David.

think i will be hunting sigs from all of them by the look of it.
A P2 Lost Hunter reunion (complete with pictures from the set of the suits) would be the single coolest thing I could ever dream of on this board.
What the hell is this place coming too???

First we meet Wyatt, then David Smith is on his way!!! It is a good time to be a member here.

Lots of cool new developments.

Lee, Dont forget IAN WHYTE is a member here also...
Its very good to be a member here! Even better Is the possibility that with such talent coming on board that this site is going to be the ONLY recognized place for all things predator! I mean this site goes with predator like milk and cookies! Lol
I wish KPH was around for this place ='(

I am glad that the others are coming to visit though, this place is truely awesome.
This is too cool,now if we can get the rest of the Lost Hunters....then we can rename them "found hunters"? Hmmm,either way looking forward to more stories
one of my ambitions would be to see and take part in a hunters gathering somewhere,where all the members on the lair are there ,suited up ,now that would be a sight!!!!
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