David Morgan has passed away.

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While this may not be the proper thread it was the closest I could think of that might be appropriate to post in. I just learned via another forum that David Morgan, the man who created the iconic Indiana Jones bullwhip for the three original films, has passed away on June 8th at the age of 90.

David was a legend in the whip making world and helped mentor many of the top modern whip makers. Though I'd never personally met him, I've heard nothing but good things about him.

May he rest in peace.

Psab keel

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He'd been retired for a few years now and if you purchased one of his whips more recently it would actually be made by his son Will or David's apprentice Megan. Still the end of an Era though with his passing. His whips are an investment but we'll worth the money in my opinion. I've owned mine about a year now.
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Very sad news! :(

I have a few of his whips made in the 80"s as well as some made in 1999.

He was a true Gentleman and always gave me as well as others impeccible customer service, no matter how busy he was he always took time to chat with me on the phone.

One of the greats has been lost
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