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I confirm that in 2022 he continues to proceed with the same dishonest methods

I bought on an icollector auction platform a so-called two-piece suit worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Raw Deal

I paid the day after the auction not seeing leave after 10 days I decide to contact him by email to ask him when he will post my order he tells me that he has a lot of work and that I have to wait something that I still do a week after this one

I decide to contact him again he tells me that my package has left and that he has added a hat to my puppet

I answer him that I am not a collector of puppets but that I bought a suit he tells me that everything is gone and everything is ok without giving me any tracking number fortunately that I come across your page with your various unhappy experiences with him I contact the auction platform to warn them of the methods of the bugger and I contact paypal to open a dispute

This morning he sends me an email to take offense and decides to accede to paypal's refund request cancels the auction and asks me not to come back

Something that I am sure I will no longer do and that I recommend to everyone

To show how stupid this guy is he posts a photo of the costume next to his computer and tells me that he managed to intercept the package at fedex when he had supposedly sent it, so he succeeded by a trick of magic of contacting fedex to have the package returned and all that in 24 hours when it took him more than 15 days to send it to me

Great mistrust to all future buyers or bidders


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If this is the same guy I'm thinking of he used to write his emails in all caps I think. Sorry to hear about your experience, sounds like a doozy.

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