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Hello there! Some of you may already know, that over the past few months I’ve been working behind the scenes, preparing things for my next run. My daily focus has of course been on completing the outstanding commissions for my current V2/Obi Stunt run, but on the evenings and whenever I do get a little bit of down time at the computer, I’ve been preparing/improving some of my pre-existing models to put out the interest thread for my next run:

ANH Obi Static!
View attachment 1571919

This one will be a little different to my previous runs, in that I won’t be putting out a separate research and development thread. Hopefully it goes without saying that I have done my research, and the models have gone through countless iterations already (with more adjustments to come before going ahead!).

Most of the real parts that were used in creating the original prop have long been common knowledge, and discovered thanks to the hard work of veteran members of the RPF. So, I’m very much aware that I am standing on the shoulders of giants. Some would say that it is pointless, or even madness, to put out a static Obi Wan replica, what with there already being such incredibly good options out there already.

Well, I do understand that point of view. And if my motivations were simply to own a good replica, then perhaps, I wouldn’t bother to do what I do. The truth is though, that I have an in incurable desire to research these props for myself, and to familiarise myself with them through the process of modelling them in 3D.

So, here we are. My next project will be:

Replica Real Parts Obi Static Run - Consisting Of:
  • Two-part Rolls Royce Derwent Mk8/9 balance pipe, machined from materials accurate to the vintage part.
  • Choice of replica Hales No3 Mk1 riffle grenades, consisting of grenade body, neck/wind vane, and end cap. Modelled from a genuine vintage part, and then adjusted to visually match either the Chronicles version of the prop, or the Tunisia version.
  • Replica Browning 303 “booster” section. Including additional nut which can be left on to fit under the clamp. Optional Weld Bead
  • Replica Graflex clamp
  • Armitage Shanks Starlite Handwheel Replica. Predrilled.
  • WW Bubble Strip
  • WW D-Ring
  • Replica ME Transistors
  • Custom Made Washers
  • Custom Made Internal Coach Bolt/Spacer/BP Attachment.
All the parts will be available separately, or as a fully built replica in either Chronicles or Tunisia configuration.

roygilsing at WannaWanga has kindly offered to supply the bubble strips and D-Rings again for this one. Thanks, Roy (y)

I toyed with the idea of putting out a Static Obi run a couple of years ago, but it didn't get off the ground. I think this was because it deviated slightly from my other projects in that it was not aiming to be accurate to the original prop, inside and out. It was instead going to be one solid middle section that incorporated the grenade, clamp spacer and booster as one large piece:

View attachment 1571921

Well, since then, I have started out on my own real parts journey, having managed to get hold of a vintage grenade, clamp and handwheel (a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!). With there being very little hope of me getting my hands on a genuine Balance Pipe/Booster any time soon, I figured I'd do a run of separate replicas of the various parts, so that I can finish my own build with stand in/temporary parts, and offer the rest of the parts for those who are in the same situation.

DannyP91 was kind enough to help me out with references of the real parts that I'm missing, as well as his grenade, which is in MUCH better shape than mine (and as it turns out, almost an exact match for the chronicles version!) Thanks Dan! I've matched the camera angles in the references and done a first pass at getting my models adjusted:

View attachment 1571891
View attachment 1571892
View attachment 1571888
View attachment 1571889
View attachment 1571890
View attachment 1571893
**All the above images have had random distortion applied to them**

My current Booster model was already based on a reference that NickCline was kind enough to give me permission to use a couple of years back, so it is already fairly accurate:

View attachment 1571887

I will be doing another pass on it though before the run goes ahead, using new scale references from Dan. I'll be including the additional nut with that too:

View attachment 1571912

It's my aim to have all of the parts for this run manufactured right here in the UK, having found a machinist and injection moulding fabricator that are both VERY local to me. It's my hope that the savings in customs and shipping will balance out any increase in manufacturing costs. It will also hopefully eliminate the risk of any pandemic related delays. I will do everything I can to keep the prices as low as possible, and as soon as I have an idea of those, I'll get this post updated.

That said, I'm not at the quotation stage just yet. This is very much an interest thread, with no obligation whatsoever. My first priority is completing my outstanding commissions from my current V2/Obi Stunt run, but seeing as it's May 4th, and that run will be coming to an end soon, I figured I'd give people an idea of what's next on my list (amongst a couple of other things I have brewing).

I'll be keeping this thread updated as I tweak and improve the models, and with any developments relating to possible timeframes/prices/etc. For now though, please let me know if you're interested in taking part, and I'll get an interest list going. (y)

Thanks for looking everyone, and MTFBWY!


Interest List:

  1. Dewy
  2. teecrooz
  3. DannyP91
  4. Mr Mold Maker
  5. Hylo133
  6. FolkyPatrol
  7. Eruonen
  8. RebelSpy007
  9. ggriffaw
  10. dramukv (Insta)
  11. rob.rudolph (Insta)
  12. PrinceZip
  13. Halliwax
  14. ajhix
  15. The Sweatshop
  16. djedi
  17. mrwax
  18. nailuj
  19. Tjnitro18
  20. Kypropguy
  21. cphaeng
  22. skoota73
  23. xsaenz
  24. cdyoung
  25. ChickenHaunt
  26. Pedro
  27. SteuerEule
  28. nemesis1974
  29. v312
  30. Marv
  31. Ron
  32. Mech10
  33. Brett Banner
  34. majortom98
  35. CJPx01
  36. ChrisRode
  37. JetSetWilly
  38. ReploidRX
  40. livetoberadical
  41. Brodie53
  42. Barnstormer
  43. Foe Hammer
  44. Patlegrand
  45. dse2187
  46. propfactory
  47. Anakin Sta


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Yeah I'm definitely in, are you going to make the balance pipe from Inconel 718 and Nickel Steel? You mention accurate materials


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Welp. You’ve done it again Dave. I’m interested. This looks like an awesome project and run!
Yeah I'm definitely in, are you going to make the balance pipe from Inconel 718 and Nickel Steel? You mention accurate materials
Hi Dave. I am definitely interested.
Color me interested pending final product and pricing!
Interested pending price…
Interested. Thanks.
Wow, thanks everyone. I've updated the list (y)

I'm still very busy working on commissions at the moment, but there have been a few developments on this which I'll be sharing soon. :cool:

Still early days, but it's looking as though, by the time this goes ahead we might be at 100+, or thereabouts! This would be fantastic as it would bring the price down for everyone! (y)

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