Star Wars DaveP ROTJ Yuma/ISYHCANL Kit (No Hero) 1st run

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I've found myself in possession of a full kit from my first Static Yuma Run, but minus the Hero box. So what we have here is essentially a Yuma/ISYHCANL kit.

It includes all the parts needed to build either the Yuma, or ISYHCANL from ROTJ:
  • Yuma Body
  • Yuma Control Box
  • ISYHCANL Control Box
  • Wide Blue SlothFurnace Card
  • Brass Rails
  • Black Button
  • All screws (including Grub Screws)
  • Both a Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Tri-Ring
This is all packaged up and ready to post. :)

The price for the kit is £150 (this includes PP fees) plus postage(UK = £15/International = £25)

If you're unfamiliar with the project, please check it out. This is a screen accurate reproduction of the solid aluminium prop that was used during in filming.

BODY.jpg BODY_02.jpg EMITTER.jpg ISYHCANL.jpg YUMA.jpg POMMEL.jpg Contents.jpg IMG_20200429_150458_2.jpg

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Payment sent. Please keep me on the list for run 2 though!
Wow. That's great! Thank you very much. Payment received. I'll get a label printed and get this in the post first thing tomorrow morning.

Thanks again and all the best,

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