Star Wars Dave Parkin Static ROTJ Hero-1st run

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She is a ROTJ Luke Skywalker static hero replica made by Dave Parkin in the UK. This is from his first run of statics that came out last Summer.

This cannot be made to hold electronics, it is completely solid(apart from the control box) like the original prop.

It was meticulously painted by Dave.

I have upgraded the tri-ring so that it can stand on its own, the clamp card with one of Bryan Rodges replica cards, and the PCB reveal board from his second run.

I have added little strips of tape underneath the card to better hold the card open to show off the board.

The stand is also included.

Since it was a limited run, it is rare. Offering it at $400 plus shipping-(only looking to break even).

PP fees included. Buyer pays for shipping. PM me for a quote.


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