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Star Wars Dave Park ROTJ set

Sold for 1550 USD
Unfortunately I am forced to unload a few beauties. These were all crafted by Dave Parkin in the UK. All were limited runs and are no longer in production.

I am willing to sell them individually or as a set. The price is based on the cost plus commission and PP fees. It does NOT include shipping. US buyers only, via USPS priority mail. I can combine shipping if more than one is purchased. Pm me for calculations.

From left to right:
Dave P V2-commissioned by Dave P (production weathering)
$550 plus shipping

Dave P Hero (Gen 2)-commissioned by Danny Halliwax-$500 plus shipping

Dave P Yuma (Gen 2)& stunt stick-commissioned by Dave P
$500 plus shipping

The stands are not for sale!

These static replicas and cannot hold fx electronics. They are purely for display only. Each replica is very heavy and are in great condition. They have been kept in a glass dust proof display case.

For more information on each of these project runs. More photos available upon request.


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