Darth Zannah (Jean Grey) 1:8 statue


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Hello! This is a 3d printed resin model kit of Jean Grey in 1/8 scale that I purchased online from Ny3dcreations awhile back. The moment I saw it I thought that would make a cool Star Wars character as the sculpt was great, so I decided to convert it into Darth Zannah from Legends lore, who was Darth Bane's apprentice. The customization involved sanding down Jean Grey's head gear and lots of priming. Of course adding some Star Wars gadgets was a must, plus adding a double bladed lightsaber that i custom built to her belt/and some armor from other spare kits/models I had lying around. (you might recognize Fett's Bandai chest armor lol) I toyed with the idea of adding a cloak/cape, but that proved more difficult than I anticipated. The force lighting came from a toy I had lying around. I might add more sparks flying from her fingers the more I look at it. The red images are images I grabbed online so you can see how it appeared after it was assembled but before painting it so you can see the before/after better, I couldn't seem to find any that I had taken at the early stage. Hope you all enjoy!

1.jpg 2.jpg DSCN0508a.jpg DSCN0509a.jpg DSCN0490a.jpg DSCN0506a.jpg DSCN0507a.jpg


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Nicely built and painted. interesting mods to change the character.

Thank you, I appreciate that! I might add a few more tiny lighting bolts coming off her fingertips later. Here's a few more pics, really wish I had a better camera, these pics don't do it justice.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

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