Darth Vader Voice Changer conversion and Emporer Palpatine WIP


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Alrighty. So a buddy of mine and I wound up at Goodwill yesterday and found this Darth Vader Voice Changer and picked it up for about 5 Bucks. It was missing it's Back plate so I figured I would make one for little to no cost. This project will take a while to complete, but right now I wanted to do something quick and Dirty for Halloween this year. Aforementioned friend will be Darth Vader and I will be Darth Sidious/Emporer Palpatine.

What I eventually want to do is convert the Voice Changer into a full replica but making the back of the bucket is priority number one. so here are the pics!

Started this project on a whim at 6:00 PM and its now 2:30AM and now the Paper Mache part starts! Well after some sleep, haha.