Darth Vader Tusk Question


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Does anyone know if the Metal Tusks on the Original Darth Vader helmet were found objects or made. If they were found what were they? ive been thinking about if for a while and cant figure out what they would have been.



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next time you are in an elevator look up. the construction pads they put up hang on studs that although are twice the size of the Vader Tusks look very much like them. original round head and I've seen the RotJ pointed version in elevators. Its possible there are vintage smaller versions that were used but also possible they were the inspiration for the designer. the last possibility is complete coincidence! :p




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Has anyone looked into Monopod thumbscrews? Theyre the spikes put on the bottom of single stick tripods for cameras, so mono-pods. Free-Shipping-FITTEST-Stainless-Steel-Tripod-Monopod-Spike-for-Manfrotto-Gitzo-RRS-3-8-Inch-Set..jpg
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