Darth Vader square shroud dedicated stunt saber + Barbican

The holes on the part used on the Barbican and Energizer saber are oval holes. The part looks a tad different too, not just cut down.
Pretty sure it's the same part. IIRC Don Bies said they made castings to make the Energizer Bunny saber. That might account for holes being out of round.

The tiny off-center hole here (to the right of the center ridge) lines up with the brass screw on the Barbican.

hey guys,
why do you say those holes are oval? they seem pretty round, at least on the actual Barbican
round holes.jpg

I'm also not convinced those parts are plastic, again, on the barbican, they got cast afterwards of course, but the part on the Barbican shows silver edges and paint chipping
We need to identify this part, it’s been almost 40 years, that’s enough time right?

I hadn’t realized the edges were shiny, quite intriguing, as the whole item on the Vader MoM saber seems like degrading phenolic plastic.

Here is a quick shot of a direct cast of the cast part. Holes are slightly oval, not perfectly round
alright, so yeah, I'm going to assume this is a result of the casts, because the hole seems much cleaner and rounder on the original.

quick question, I'm wondering if the bottom of the part is curved to sit nicelly on the tube just like the bottom of the D ring holder is also curved. I'm not sure the cast can be trusted for that info, but can you tell on it if that's the case or if it's just flat?
also, to me, there is a larger step around the base of the part, at least on one side, is this visible on that cast or not at all?
alright, so I looked at older threads again and I now answered my own question for the step at the base of the control box, it is visible on your cast on both sides Tom, I hope it's ok that I post those photos, I took them from one of your threads, thanks a lot :)


that step is very obvious on one side of the real part on the Barbican, but I think it can also be seen slightly on the other side as well.


and so, yes, on the other side, I think we can see it's there as well:



so, i'll be adding that very subtle larger step on the 3 sides of my model as well :)

I still don't know if they curved the bottom of that part to sit on the tube. it looks rather flush on the photos but since it's not that large, I guess even if the bottom was flat, it would look kind of flush...
I’m so excited for this thread… this saber never gets the attention it deserves
I'll try my best not to disapoint :)
but if you have any intel or anything, please don't hesitate to share, that goes for anyone of course :)
They did not curve the bottom of the part, there is a distinct cut in that this mold was able to capture

The ridge is less pronounced on the back. On the right there is an extra shape on the ridge, shaped like a D

I would think the center holes were warped but that would mean the whole cast would be stretched. The holes for the brass screws on the barbican are perfectly circular, here is 1 of the 2 brass screw holes.
Personally I think they drilled the holes by hand. I don’t believe the found part had holes for countersunk screws. Whatever was there they ran a drill right through and destroyed it, possibly at an angle or two, making the holes a little oblong
Awesome, that is great info! thank you for the intel on the space between the control bow and tube, it definitely looks flat underneath. i don't know if this is proof that it was the same on the barbican though.

super cool for the ridge all around, that is great that you could show me the back of the part as I never saw that on another pic, expecially on the original. it's good to have proof that it goes all around :)

I'm surprised on how close to the center wall, the small screw hole is, how can the head of the screw fit with a hole this close?

thanks again Tom :) I'll show my finished model for that part soon :)
I'm surprised on how close to the center wall, the small screw hole is, how can the head of the screw fit with a hole this close?
Good question, it looks like the head is sticking up a little in some photos, it may be at an angle too!
here is the latest 3D model for the activation box :)
I think this is now a pretty good match, thinner walls where they need to be thinner, larger step on 3 sides, all 4 holes...


a few close ups of the actual model:


also matching nicelly a really good straight on top view of Tom's cast :)


alright, tell me what you guys think because I think it's pretty much good now for that part :)

one last thing i'm hesitating to put on it is that detail from the DV6 control box:

because I kind of see it there :

but it doesn't seem to be present on Tom's cast part and I don't see it on any other photo of the Barbican, but we don't have good resolution photos of that side of the box from the barbican, so I don't know, you guys can weight in on that :)
hello there,
I was working on my 3D model and suddently had a bad feeling about cutting on my circular saw the 50mm square bar for the shroud. I had a lot of trouble before with a 45mm round rod, so I suddently felt that this wasn't going to be possible!

good news, it works like a charm! this is machining aluminium and apparently it also cuts a lot better on the circular saw! good :)

I'll be posting soon with the updated 3D model. i'm a bit worried of the lack of answers/interest to the last messages, I hope it picks up when I finish the prototype and start the project run thread :)
this is the kind of project with a lot of decisions to take and where input from the community is much appreciated, see the question from the last message about the detail on the control box for instance. there will be other things that need deciding along the way, like what core do we want on the square shroud version and things like that :)
huge image dump!
I have basically finished matching in 3D on 12 reference photos! I can't stress enough how much work and back and forth it is to do that on so many photos. A 3D match is never 100% perfect of course but I think even though in some photos some details are not 100%, trying to match the model as best as possible to so many photos on top of having 2 really good side and top photos surely made for a very accurate model :)
I hope you guys will be happy with this work and the accuracy of the model :)














notice on the above pic that there are 3 holes in the shroud, the one in the middle being 90% sure the hole made to hold the previous detail that was put there for the cast version :)






alright! that's a huge amount of work done there! what is left to do is the small square brass detail inside the control box and the additional pommel for the barbican version.
Please comment below on what you think, I have put so much work in this project already and have to admit that I'm scared I'm doing that just for a couple interested people
I hope you guys like it so far, I'm trying real hard to have something perfect for my first OT saber project :)

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