DARTH VADER ROTJ pics from the Star Wars Exhibition in Paris

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Lovely. Thanks for sharing these.

That thing really IS dusty...
Yea and they put the belt on upside down.. .....Dorks.


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For the belt, it's not the first time they do it wrong....I've seen some pics from another exhibition with the same problem...


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Amazing pics Mika,thanks for sharing :)

I gotta say i love the ROTJ Vader.


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great pics. i have to say though, that chest armor seems a lot smaller than i thought. has anyone else noticed this??


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On the Jedi version cape there is no leather collar and is that chain correct?

Yeah, I think you're right. The chain certainly isn't screen used.

Superb photos, thanks for posting 'em mikajedi :D I've really got to try to get to this exhibition before it closes.

Would anyone agree there's a chance that the dome on that Vader is from ESB? It's hard to tell, but I thought the Jedi domes had thinner flanges and softer central ridges. Plus it seems to me that some shots show very slight signs of a soft 'Y' crease at the front of the center strip. Could be a trick of the light though (or a trick of the dust :p ) .. or maybe my brain's just frazzled from all the heat in Regent's Park today... :)


EDIT *** -actually I think the Y crease thing is just the dust..


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Thanks for sharing .

merci pour le partage surtout quand on n'a pas pu y aller, j'aurais aimé voir le "revealed"