Darth Vader ESB Paint scheme question ?


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i have a question, is hard to see the correct paint scheme for Vader ESB
You can see the little area cheek part you thought was black or grey ?







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The propden colour schemes are debatable. The ANH one is particularly bad as it shows the right side of the snout (wearers left) as black, but screen shots clearly show the same brushed gunmetal as elsewhere on the mask.

Other spots suffer from shadows and other tricks of the light fooling the eyes.


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You can imagine when filming an all black mask ... on developed film it will end up as one giant black blob hence the very clever use of gunmetal with black accents and perfect lighting on set to 'fool' you in thinking that all you seem to see is a black mask whereas most of the mask is indeed gunmetal in color ... if only they would apply these elaborate paint schemes to the 3 3/4" action figures once and for all ... I'd be a very happy customer :)


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I have a question. I read that gunmetal is used. Is there a specific brand/ kind of gunmetal paint that is used?


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I used Tamiya TS-38 on my ANH armor & shoulders, and it really turned out nice. To get a closer match, some have come up with their own mixtures to get it just right.


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The color of gunmetal will give you varying results based on the lighting you are using. Most of ESB and ROTJ Vader was shot against a black floor. The result is that the gunmetal comes off as near-black. This Is one of the reasons you didn't notice the harlequin pattern. If you,are planning on using the screen accurate paint it will look very silver, similar to your first two photos unless you light it correctly. Many of us in the 501st paint a much darker gunmetal intentionally so that when viewed under more normalized lighting conditions and floor colors the gunmetal emulates the on screen appearance.

Food for thought.


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The paints used for Vader were Rolls Royce. I spoke to Ron Punter (Vader painter) for quite some time at Elstree a few years back. If you can find an old Rolls Royce colour chart from the 70's you will find the correct colours.

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