Darth Vader ESB display


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This is my first official post on the RPF, it’s been a long time coming.

Ok, where to start.

Back in 2016 I purchased a Anovos ESB Darth Vader costume. Lucky, I was one of the fortunate ones who actually received their product, it took about 5 months to arrive.

I managed to wear it only once for Halloween, then it got packed away for many years until I recently opened it all up a couple of months ago.

My top priority when I originally made this purchase was to display it, knowing what I know now, I would have never purchased from Anovos, instead I would have rather bought items from dedicated fans and pieced it together part by part. That’s not the case so I’ll just move along.

After looking at other ESB Darth Vader displays on the RPF I’ve noticed a couple things different with mine that I have questions about, this is why I’m here to get some expert opinion and advice.

1) Shoulder Armour - The Anovos should / Chest Armour doesn’t sit properly on the mannequin, the chest piece on the right side ( as you’d be wearing it ) is warped . It doesn’t fit flush to the chest. Is this an Anovos this or is the original piece not symmetrical ?

2) I have issues with the cape and rope, but I do understand that the original is wool and therefore it hang’s better on the body. Mine is Polyester, in time I’d like to change it to wool and get a proper fitting set.

3) has anyone had experience altering mannequins so they can be articulated in certain positions. Mine is just standing at attention like the Sergeant Major is going to yell at him.

4) The hands are a real let down. I’d love to modify the hands so he can hold his light saber . I just don’t know where to start with modding the hands.

That’s it for now, let me know what you think.
Any points to improve


Here are a couple of pics

The first is me wearing it in 2016, I’m 6’1” and the robe and cape fit excellent. I purchased a mannequin that’s 6’4”, so the rope and cape are a little short now.


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I was going for the feel of the Carbon freeze Chamber.

I’ve inserted a picture I liked and used as a reference.

After adding some lights, I’m not sure what I like better.
The blue background or the red.


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After proof reading it I noticed that I’ve written Rope, that’s meant to be Robe .

Don’t know if that was spellcheck or me.

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