Darth Vader Case Project - Charity Auction at Celebration - spread the word!


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hey all,

We were honored to be asked to be among the many talented artists who worked on the VADER CASE PROJECT for Celebration next week.

Artists were provided a vintage Kenner Darth Vader carry case to modify. A CHARITY AUCTION of the cases will benefit the Make A Wish Foundation and we need your help spreading the word!

You can bid on the auction all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday in person via silent auction at the Collector's Social Room (210D) at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Sunday at 12 noon, bidding closes, so get your bids in before then!

If you know anyone going to Celebration next week, please share this post with them. Please share on social media, and do whatever you can to spread the word and help make this auction a huge success for the Make A Wish Foundation!

In addition to ours, there are wonderful entries from:

Nathan Hamill
Chris Trevas
Randy Martinez
Brian Rood
Gus Lopez
and many more!

To see some of the great entries, or to learn more about the project, visit this page: http://blog.theswca.com/2015/04/celebration-anaheim-vader-case-project.html

Thanks for looking and for your help sharing this great project!

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Thanks! Especially coming from you! This is my first attempt at sculpting anything since high school art class 30 years ago. I'm more comfortable in front of Adobe Illustrator. :)

It's a mix of scrap plastic, found objects and epoxy sculpting clay and a lot of sanding! Gotta work on my spray painting skills, though. To me that's the hardest part.

I found some better tusks that are on the final piece.



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Hey Curt,

I think it looks great no matter how often (or not!) you work practical! The design is so strong, and the work clean… really love this one!

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