Darth Sidious 3d printed lightsaber


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A friend of mine needed a Sidious lightsaber that he would conceal inside his robe (costume) so I 3d printed one for him. Its not complete yet since its missing som Leds and painting but here is the result.

all the parts:





I think it turned out nice

Ill upload the files at shapeways ig anyone here wants to print or download the files for home printing.


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Thanks, I know its a bit on the rough side but its not mean for display, its more of an accesory for his costume that wont get much use LOL.

- - - Updated - - -

Nicely done...even if that saber is fugly. =D

yeah not my favorite saber either... thanks.


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Sorry I missed the last question, I am not sureof the scale I desined it all by eyeballing I made a rev 2 now and added some missing features and changed some diameters.




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Certainly , I will upload the files to shapeways and ou can download them for free from there. Thanks for the kind words.

I never knew you could download files from shapeways to print at home, I will have to have a look for this :)
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