Darth Maul details?


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So I'm putting together my Korbanth DM and while adding the greebles I had some questions. I'm having a lot of trouble finding archive photos of the actual prop.

1. What color should the Darth Maul LEDs be? The MR has clear LEDs but Roman's, which is regarded as very accurate, has red ones. http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=239879&highlight=dm4

2. Should the LEDs be shaved like the Episode 1 Obi or left domed?

3. How should the emitter fins line up with the buttons? Should the fin be in line with the buttons or should the buttons line up with a gap between the fins?

4. What thickness and diameter O-Rings should be used?

5. Not exactly accuracy related but what would be a recommended black pain for painting aluminum for the black bands in the emitter section, I assume these are painted.

Thanks in advance, I suspect I will have some more questions later.

Romans Empire

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Use the clear, and leave them domed. I only added red since the blade was red. :thumbsup

I've had this picture for many years, but I don't recall who sent it to me. I think it was lonepigeon.



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The Maul saber had a resin body which included the LED's the whole thing was painted silver.
The original hero Maul saber (unused) was too short - it was cast to make the new hero. The LED's on it were clear.


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Thanks everyone!
I did see that original thread.
All the reference photos, including in The Visual Dictionary, look like resin casts, not hero. Which makes sense because the hero was a resin cast, thanks Lonepigeon. Anyone happen to have an image of what the original maul looked like, I'm curious now.
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