Darth Error corset WIP *UPDATE!


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HeY guys... yea this probably belongs on the off topic forum , because it is just one of my hair-brain ideas , but there are some ladies here on the forum , and a LOTTA GUYS who are married and have girlfriends , so if your girlfriends and wives and real dolls are as nerdy as you are here is somethin pretty cool to make for them , unfortunately you have to make it my way so it is extra special and much blood is shed... ... like i have mentioned many times i am not a make up artist , or a cloths designer .. or a man .. i just use three tools per project and two of the three are normally useless ..welp HERE GOES ..GET YOUR EYEPATCHES AND BANDAIDS READY!

step one ... find a random pile of junk that looks awful but has potential to look real cool if you squint hard enough and pour lemon juice in your eyes...


^now there is a sexy pile of junk!

and here is what we do with this garbage ...

..first i took this corset that was really not much of a corset , i mean it had the tie up back but the flesh did not show through and in the front there was an annoying set of bra clasps , about four hundred in total .... it is not sexy when your girl is standing there un tethering herself from four hundred bra clasps .. you want to see her struggle out of something thats tied on like the jaws of life !


so lets cut that thing off and move on


much less retarded!

Now were gonna flip this guy over and .. well your pall error does not use sewing pins she just takes a million sewing needles to hold the fabric in place instead ... and a gorilla paw rapist glove to push that needle trough thick spots of fabric , who needs a thimble ! ... but yea what you wanna do "if you decided to use a cheap corset" is stitch that whole area with the bra clasps down and away ..we do not need these


next ... you should be finished stitching down them bra clasps and bleeding tremendously now you have to start laying down your vader patterns that you gut off that horrendous thing ... the thing intended for who knows what .. it was too awful to wear in its former state... so here you lay it down using the same pin down technique and as you stitch remove the pins


alright! now this is where i stopped because i was sitting at an acute angle while stitching in my bed .. knees bent like a deer ... i want all of you to repeat this ... it is a punishment for caring about someone enough to make them hand crafted clothing ..what kind of men are you!


^ that is where i left off .. pinning down the rest of the pattern ... and frowning upon it .. remember ladies have boobs .. i pretended my knees were boobs to stitch the pattern correctly around the corset ... otherwise boobs just might rip the pattern ........ boobs ....boobs....

and here we are ... to be continued!


now is the part where all of you tell me to get the hell out of here and that i am mentally ill ... :-> hope this was somewhat informative ...

(I figured i would throw my update photos here since this thread went on a roller coaster ride of hilarity and craziness)

SO all crazyness and bs aside , here is what i was going for ! for everyone that has stuck around waiting to see what the hell i was trying to do ..well here it is


^ could not resist ...




so .. it is not really a costume .. more so something i can wear whenever i want , im not fond of dressing up , i have a hard time doing it but i will sure as hell go to a club in a long skirt and a vader corset!


^ not much to the back other then the fact that its open now ( OH and i been getting a ton of questions like this! this meaning the scar.. i appreciate everyone is sending me more discreet pms about it lol but i mean its there out in the open and people ask all the time what happened ... it was not a saber fight between me and Lucien Kane lol it is just a scar from a surgery that followed a huge skate boarding accident ..when i was in my early teens i was a skater signed with alien workshop ...then i exploded my spine in an accident ..and now im sort of a cyborg ..thats why my name on forums is always "error" .. FREAK!!!!!! ...I can stick magnets to certain areas , it does not feel good but its kinda cool ... like them kids that can cover themselves in spoons... )


and the side



sorry its so pic heavy, i was too lazy to look at what photos i actually liked lol
later guys and ladies
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Re: Darth Error corset WIP

While watching you put this together and BS'ing the entire time. I realized something.....you are completely insane. so what does that make me for watching the insanity?


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Re: Darth Error corset WIP

rofl because you were the one naked ...duh ...so what i posted it .. they saw your body ..and looking at you on the forums was just too vomit educing after that shock was cast upon the community


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Re: Darth Error corset WIP

No actually! i just like taking things i normally do not wear anymore and things i would not think of wearing and combining the two , i have a lot of enormous cool t shirts i stitch into dresses as well


if anyone is curious on how i go about doing this i have a sweet power glove t shirt i wanna make into a dress as well


^that is an insanely drunk photo of my self but you can see the boba fett dress thats all that matters i love the fett

.. i just like making cool stuff out of what i have that is i guess more flattering on a female form so i dont look like a complete slob ... and i had no reason to wear the corset in the state it was i was thinking of throwing it out .. instead i figured i would take a wack at makin it cool ...

and hey thanks mockle :)


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Re: Darth Error corset WIP

lmao ..YW I wanna see more of the drunkeness lol :confused Do you have a helmet yet and of course.. well I know there will be an Zombie version right :love


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Re: Darth Error corset WIP

Dammit , i knew you guys were using me as some form of zombie army leader ... just like land of the dead .... ugh ... at least i will still know how to pump gass


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Re: Darth Error corset WIP

You know you like it Error :) you can pump gas but can you turn it off lmao

Do you have a Helmet :confused
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