Darlena Dixon (girl Daryl Dixon cosplay) need help

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Ok so I am working on my cosplay idea for Daryl Dixon, but as a girl I'm gonna do a girl version, Idk if they ever officially called a girl version Darlena...but that's what I chose lol. Sounds better than girl Daryl to me. Anyway I was thinking it would be cool to do Daryl's vest with articulated wings that fold back into the wing shape of what's on his vest because I haven't see anyone do that..although I have thought recently it might be too far off character model that no one would get it, what do you guys think? I have been working on figuring out how to build wings too. And so far it's been a struggle to wrap my brain around how I would actually build it.

I have been searching for the rest of the costume pieces and so far I've found where I could gat a pretty identical season 5 black shirt(on Amazon I would have to buy new for like $15), the black bandana for 3$ (which I would need to dye in tea I think to get the white tan), red bandana I could get some fabric from the hobby lobby. Haven't found pants yet, started browsing good will, I have only hit one out of our I think...4 or maybe 5. I have time tho so I just started. I am super reluctant to buy new to destroy lol since I'm not on a big budget here.

I know the brand of shoes Norman wears, but I am considering just using my sneakers which...are black and hot pink..super not in character...but just for comfort because your feet hurt by the end of the day. I'd what do you guys think? Should I search for more apocalyptic boots? I looked at good will yesterday and found a good pair but they were 2-3 sizes too small for sure

I'm really hoping this year they bring Norman back to eccc, it's been a few years and I just have a good feeling, and I'd love to show him this cosplay I'm envisioning and I think if I can pull it off it would be such a cool outfit.

Halloween is still coming up which is great, I know he has the knife on his belt, and i had an old Halloween prop like one that would work, but it's somewhere in a random box in my garage so...I may have to hit the spirit store if i can't find it.

I don't know if I want to build a crossbow prop or buy a toy and spray paint it yet. I know it's the second most important part of the costume, but I'm super focused on the vest right now.

And on that note, I'm not sure if there is a comparable fabric that i can get away with...my mom says my sewing machine won't be strong enough for leather so I know I can't build one and so far 0 sightings of one I can just stitch wings to.

Any advice or help you guys can give would be really appreciated, I'm newer to prop building, I built a back to the future hoverboard but this would be my first cosplay....and an intensive cosplay costume at that.

Using my kindle to post so I don't know how to post images for reference yet, might update or add them when I'm on a computer later. Thanks.

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One thing I've learned is the costume doesn't make you. You make the costume. I say go with whatever feels right and makes you happy. Darryl will understand. :) You might even be one of those people he takes aside and hugs. I hear he does that a lot.

Good luck!

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