Dark Tower-Guns of Eld-complete

Reel Man

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I should iterate that I didn't make the guns from scratch, they're Denix replicas of the S&W Model 3 aka the Schofield. They were black and brass when I first got them, so I hit em up with some metallic paint so they had that metallic sheen that guns crafted from the remains of Excalibur might have. I also found a quick and dirty solution to add the symbol of the Eld, or the letter D in the Wing Dings 2 font, just printed it out on paper, cut it out, glued them to the guns with rubber cement, let em dry and then put 3-4 layers of rubber cement over top of them. Not the most elegant modification to be sure, but considering I started at 3:00pm and ended at 10:00pm, I'm satisfied.