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    Well seeing how this years NY ComicCon is now in the books, it is time for me to start looking to another costume for next year! I am thinking that I will be dressing up for both Saturday and Sunday next year. Sunday being Ultimate Captain America again and Saturday I am gonna be one of my other favorite characters, Hawkeye ! I am thinking of doing the Dark Reign version cause I like the look of the costume and it has long sleeves to cover the tattoos on my arms.

    I have some ideas of what I am gonna do with the costume. A rubber mask similar to what I have for Ultimate Captain America... But for Dark Reign the artists switch between a black and purple and a navy blue and purple costume. Not sure which I want to do yet, but I am leaning towards the darker themed black and purple. Any advice and opinions will be very much appreciated!


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    That would be pretty awesome. I know Bullseye's Hawkeye costume isn't that much more different than Clint's but I just prefer that look more overall.

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