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space rat

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After all these years, I feel like a real member of the prop community. My Dark Knight poster is being sold on etsy by seller "opbitemark". I'm not upset about it, I feel like I joined a group within the RPF. I haven't contributed anything to the RPF other than this poster and this was the first time trying anything like this. I think it's funny that people are willing to pay for something that I did in a few hours. I haven't logged in in a very long time. Life has a way of doing that. I have dropped in from time to time without logging in. I will try to do better. The poster I made is long gone, that computer crashed. I hope those of you who downloaded it enjoyed it. Thanks for listening. Space Rat.


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space rat

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If there's any member that still has it, feel free to post it. The computer that it was on crashed a few years ago and I didn't back up any of images. I can't take credit for the poster, this was my take on the released on. I used there format and wording. I just changed the pictures and made the symbols for the GCPD and MCU from pictures found online and added some color to it.

space rat

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He took it down. Double checked the site and it is gone. Of course he only had 1 left. Offered no explanation of how he got it, just said " no harm, cool flyer". That was it.

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