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Hey y'all! So, with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out next year, as well as preparing to start college, I realized that the time was now to begin my batsuit. So, I decided to go with something along these lines:
Now, I'm 6'3", 240 lbs., so, a larger Batman was quite appealing. In accordance with creating the suit, however, I am bulking up a bit, because it is very hard to look good in spandex. I have, and will be using leather for the cowl, gauntlets, boot covers, shorts, and the symbol, and a stretchy, gray material for the suit itself. Since I have the cowl and cape more or less done, I'll go ahead and talk about how I did them.

For my leather, I just chose a black upholstery leather from Jo-Ann's, that matched a pair of boots I already owned (I'll post pictures when I reach the boot covers.) decently well. My first attempt at a cowl was interesting, to say the least. I used the Jim Lee pepakura file:
Screenshot 2015-06-15 10.51.42.png
I did something different from the standard procedure: I sewed the pattern. Using 2mm foam, I used a butterfly stitch and sewed the parts, to decent success. However, I had made a couple of mistakes in the scaling, and didn't realize this till I was almost done attaching the leather to the foam. So, I started all over again, with a file that was fitted to my head. This time, I didn't add the foam, but simply made the cowl using leather. The cape was a simple matter, just cutting out the pattern on the leather, then sewing it together. I don't have any pictures of the cape as of right now, but when I get to the suit itself, then I'll post some. Anyway, here are some pics of the cowl, both in the process, and with the finished product, that I used for a Batman: Zero Year quick costume. Enjoy!

This was the first attempt, with just the foam.
After I started to apply the leather. The head was scaled correctly, but the shoulder section was not.
Here the first cowl is almost done. However, it just wasn't quite right. After re-doing it, I came up with this:
Here's the second cowl, made solely of leather.

I'll be posting more pics and info as I build the suit. But, if you'd like to check out some other pics of the suit, and of anything else I come up with, be sure to check out my Facebook page Cloud 9!
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