Dark Knight Returns Armor / Batman v Superman Armor


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Started work on Batman armored suit from The Dark Knight Returns. I'm going to incorporate the new helmet shape from Batman V Superman into the costume. The This is the one time in life i wish i was fat or round to get Batman's shape better. The gauntlets are EVA foam. the helmet will be the same coated w/ bondo. I'm trying to keep the gauntlets from being 100% symmetrical, and still want to add his countdown timer into one wrist.

I'm trying to have this done for this fall's comic cons. Baltimore and NY in particular. So these first forms will prolly be trial and error leading up to September. I may have to coat everything to match the cowl. Who knows, we'll see.


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Thank you, i didn't wanna go the way others did, with 3 rings sticking out. They still need to be painted and sealed. Finishing the legs tonight. Then its just the chest, shoulders and helmet. i'm going for a more blocking stylized look.


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Thanks, i have all the leg, thigh and gauntlets done, i'm messing with the helmet which is more difficult then i thought. Its such a weird round shape that looks good in animation and weird in real life. I'm going to upload the rest of the gear in a day or so
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