Dark Knight being filmed Downtown LA off Grand and 6th


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We went on the Tour De Fat through downtown LA, there was a traffic jam and it turns out the new Batman movie is being filmed in Los Angeles also. We see the new Batmobile parked on one the streets you could stand about 50ft away.
Just thought I might mention this for any Batfans near LA today.


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Hmm. Sure it was not this?


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We'll my thoughts on it is that since in the last movie, the Tumbler is out of commision. I bet this either is transformed from the tumbler or built from it. I just can say it's name. Great pic Moocriket! There is also a lot where most the vehicle are being kept across from Philippe's French Dip off of North Spring Street.


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It looks like a Transformer that was fired from the group because transforming into a bunch of collapsed black cardboard boxes is stupid.

But I will reserve judgment. It might look great on screen.
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