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After seeing all the great Batman DOJ costumes, Im in. But with a twist, since there is such a Frank Miller influence that is there. Ive decided the family will do a DARK KNIGHT THEME for Halloween. Yes, I know its early, but I really think they would love it. I have two girls, the older one used to love being Robin but is now too old, the younger one, the one in the pic with me, wants to do a costume duo. Sooo, what better duo than Batman and Robin. She is my helper and my soldier, she follows orders and gets it done. Mistakes are made but she learns. That being the case, I have decided that we will be BATMAN and Carrie Robin, which is great bc she really likes the idea too. Not sure when to introduce her to the slingshot, but hey, I got a little time. Im posting this because of the great comments and suggestions that are always coming around and help make it a great costume and great experience for us both. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Batman costume---I have black steel toed bike boots, I have a lead for the BATMAN COWL and EMBLEM--REEVZFX ( just have to save a bit for it, but this is the cowl I really, really want and I will have it), the utility belt I found at HAZMAT, thinking Ill get the basic one first or if no funds, Ill just go for simple black web belt and pouches ( I really want to try to get the HAZMAT version, it looks great. The gloves I know I can find and Im going to make my own gauntlets--if I do find some extra money, Ill pick up those from another forum member. The cape, I have no idea what the best material would be or how to hang it on my shoulders, any suggestions? What can I use as a base suit?

Carrie Robin--We have the old Robin costume and it should be easy to go with some black pants of some kind, boots I can find and color from Payless or Kmart. Not sure how to do the mask/glasses but I do work in surgery and I have disposable eye shield/glasses I might do something with that. Slingshot is coming. She will have a utility belt and bo staff and also making Batarangs with rope.

Wife--Wonder Woman, going to change her costume a bit with new costume when Rubies comes out with it or change it over to Zena and then paint as needed.

Batgirl--My oldest is the hardest one to choose for. Shes teen angst all the way, thinking of doing the Miller Batgirl from ALL STAR BATMAN, she has mask and earings, hair can be down or in ponytail, black leotard with accessories--yellow boots, yellow gloves with gauntlets and utility belt shouldn't be an issue. But not sure if she wants to do this. Any other suggestions for possible ideas for her would be welcome.

Both girls are swimmers and athletic, bit tall for their age group but love heroes and comics. Ill keep you posted.

Oh and Im getting into shape, Ive lost 77 lbs and I swim and hour a day straight. Im fitting the 2xl comfortable, but figure Ill be down to 210 or less by the time Halloween hits.

Just trying to make it fun for the family.
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