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Daniel Craig "Dream House" Jacket

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by hoplite318, May 8, 2012.

  1. hoplite318

    hoplite318 Member

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm kind of a newbie here. Been lurking for a while but only just recently started posting.

    This is something that was a gift from a friend who collects celebrity memorabilia, and she knew I also am a Daniel Craig fan. It's his leather jacket that he wears in the end of "Dream House".

    It's a pretty nice jacket in it's own right - Diesel - and in pretty good shape. I did clean the weathering off of it since I wear it often. I was surprised at how well it actually fit me.


    A decent fit - not quite as short in the sleeves as it is on him in the movie, but I'm a little shorter:


    And here's a link to a pic of him actually wearing the jacket:
    'Dream House': What the Critics Are Saying - The Hollywood Reporter

    She also gave me the certificate of authenticty as well as the prop sheet from the set.
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  2. Kittlemeier

    Kittlemeier Well-Known Member

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    Very nice. Big fan of Craig's style. Surprised I haven't seen him wearing one around as he's known to cross over his movie and public styles.
  3. MrNixon

    MrNixon New Member

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    Very cool, I like the tan jacket he wore in that film as well
  4. Propmasters

    Propmasters Member

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    nice score but you may regret cleaning the 'weathering' as this may have enabled you to identify it on screen

    - David
  5. DocBlizzy

    DocBlizzy New Member

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    Nice jacket and cool to see someone wearing screen worn wardrobe out and about. :cool

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